Approved Paint Colors

The paint on your home deteriorates with age, due to the Florida sun and other external forces.  Expect to re-paint your home every 7-10 years.  The care of your home is YOUR responsibility.  Homes with faded or chipping paint must be re-painted.  Homeowners failing to properly-maintain their home will be subject to possible financial penalties, until the condition is corrected.

Prior to commencing any re-painting, there are a number of steps the homeowner must follow to assure compliance with the community's rules and regulations.  Listed below are the basic steps a homeowner should follow:
  1. Visit the guard gate and sign out a Meadow Lakes Approved Paint Colors Binder.  You are allowed to sign-out the binder for 72 hours only.  You will need to show a FL driver's license, with your Meadow Lakes address listed, to sign-out the binder.
  2. Carefully review the step-by-step instructions for proper paint selection
  3. Determine the approved paint colors you wish to use.  There are colors for your house, driveway, roof, and fence.
  4. Buy sample bottles of your paint, then paint a 2'x2' swatch of the body color, trim color, and accent color on your house.
  5. Complete the ACB form, return to the management company, and advise the swatches are ready for inspection
  6. A member of the ACB committee will visit your home and will verify the color is on the approved list
  7. The management company will advise the homeowner that he/she may begin painting.  Expect approval in 3-4 weeks.
  8. At the completion of painting, notify the management office.  A member of the ACB committee will visit your home verifying you used the correct paint colors and the workmanship is acceptable. 

Failure to follow these steps can result in financial penalties, until the violation is corrected, including re-painting/re-finishing the house/roof/fence/driveway, if necessary. 

The paint color binders include over 30 choices of paint groupings. 

Check them out.  Instructions are in the binders and are easy to follow.

The body of the house, its trim, and accents must be painted with colors from the appropriate lists.  Do not apply paint from the body of the house list on to your trim.  Do not apply paint from the trim list or accent list on to the body of your house.Same goes for the roof or fence.  Note: the garage door may be painted the trim color OR the accent color. 

When you are planning your improvements, please remember:  1) The roof and house may only be painted and 2) the fence and/or driveway may only be stained.  Do not stain or change the color of the public sidewalk alongside the street in front of your home.  Failure to comply with driveway/sidewalk guidelines may result in the homeowner being required to remove the finish with sandblasting and refinishing according to HOA guidelines.

When purchasing the paint for the sample swatches, buy a sample can of each color, matching the color in the binder as closely as possible.  After the ACB approves your color, THEN buy the big cans of paint.

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