Arch Control Board-ACB

The master plan for Meadow Lakes at Boca Raton incorporates a number of home styles-- sharing similar architectural details-- which unify the community and create a sense of “neighborhood.”


In order to maintain this sense of “neighborhood”, the HOA is responsible for preserving key architectural details, to assure the master plan is adhered to and uniformity is maintained. 


The Architectural Control Board (ACB) is staffed by homeowners, appointed by the Board.  The ACB is charged with reviewing residents’ improvement plans, to assure the improvements are consistent with other homes in the neighborhood, and will not detract from the neighborhood.


Prior to commencing any exterior changes or improvements to the home, residents are required to secure an ACB form from this website or the management office, fill it out completely (describing proposed improvements), and submit to the management office.  The ACB will review the improvements, visit the residence, and will advise if the improvements are approved.  The process takes approximately 3 weeks.

Click Here to Access the New Online ACB Form

The key architectural details which are most closely-monitored include:


1.       Roof style and color.  This is a key element which is crucial to the overall “feel” of the community.  Residents may repair or replace their roof, but the replacement must be the same style and color, as the original roof.

2.       Exterior color of house and trim.  Residents wishing to re-paint their homes can re-paint in a different color, but the color must be selected from the HOA’s approved list.  Color swatches must be painted on the house, for ACB final approval.

3.       Driveway style and color.  Residents wishing to repair or re-stain their driveway must adhere to the styles used in the community and stain selected from the HOA’s approved list.

4.       Major landscaping changes.  Residents are encouraged to pre-plan their landscaping, anticipating future growth.  If fencing needs to be replaced, it should be in the same location and style as the original builder-installed fence.  If the 4x4 posts are on your side of the fence, the fence is yours to upkeep.  Posts should remain on your side of the fence.  ACB approval should be secured before any fence is replaced or upgraded.

Homeowners are urged to remind their contractors, guests, and visitors with heavy equipment or trailers to avoid damaging our roadways and common areas in Meadow Lakes.  Any damages to the pavement, curbing or common areas, caused by homeowner's contractors, guests, or visitors, will be repaired by the Association and billed back to the Homeowner.

Although some residents express concern that their freedom of expression is being compromised--when they have to secure approval for their improvements—few residents will disagree that coordinated colors, home styles, and landscaping contribute to a beautiful community.

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