Mail Box Upkeep



Homeowners are required to maintain their mail boxes. 

If the homeowner's mail box is knocked-down, damaged, overly-worn, an eye sore, or in need of repair, it is the homeowner's responsibility to:

  • Maintain the mail box at the correct height and distance from the street, according to USPS regulations.  Also, assure the mail box and post are vertical and "square" to the street.
  • Make sure the mail box is painted gloss black, with a red flag.  Many mail boxes are still flat black.  Home owners are being asked to repaint in "gloss black" when they do upkeep.
  • Make sure letters are adhesive, stick-on letters, 2" to 2-1/4" high, white, and reflective.
  • Make sure flags are red and are not dangling upside down or missing altogether.

Repainting a mail box costs about $5.00 and takes an hour.  Paint the mailbox when it is not baking in the hot sun, to assure the final finish is not compromised.

White numbers should be ordered on-line. See below link for detailed ordering instructions.

If the support bracket or post need to be repaired or replaced OR you need to buy a new post, box and bracket, contact either of the two companies listed below:

  • Flagcraft, Boca Raton, FL   561-395-4411  PREFERRED VENDOR.  Flagcraft is based locally in Boca Raton and has a reliable welder/repairman on contract.  Contact them first.
  • Beautiful Mailbox Company    888-389-6286/954-271-1627

If only the "box" or flag needs to be replaced, either company can assist, OR the homeowner can visit either Home Depot or Lowes.


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