Main Gate

All vehicles and pedestrians entering Meadow Lakes at Boca Raton must pass through the main gate, which is located on the east side of the property, just off US Hwy 441.  The main gate consists of a residents lane and a visitors lane. 

The residents lane is equipped with a remote bar code reader, allowing properly-registered vehicles to enter the community unimpeded. 

To obtain a bar code, the resident's vehicle must be registered at the Meadow Lakes address.  The resident's Florida driver's license must also list the Meadow Lakes address.  Prior to issuance of a bar code by the HOA, residents must visit the Homeowner Forms section of the website and complete the on-line form.  Follow directions carefully. Once the application is approved, the security guard will notify the resident that the bar code is at the gate, ready for installation on the vehicle by the guard. 

The visitors lane is manned by a security guard, who opens the gate for authorized visitors. All visitors are required to present their drivers license to the security guard--who contacts the resident for permission to enter-- unless the visitor is listed on the resident’s “approved visitor list.”  Visitors without a valid drivers license are not allowed to drive a vehicle into the community.

Periodically, the guard gate is unattended, requiring visitors to use the remote key pad at the guard gate.   When the resident receives the call from the visitor, announcing he/she is at the key pad, the resident simply presses the “9” on his phone---which remotely opens the gate.  Residents using the visitors lane and key pad for entry can enter their Meadow Lakes PIN number to open the gate instantly.

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