New 7-11 Gas Station

 The Mobil gas station near our community entrance is becoming a 7-11.

Plans are underway to completely remove the existing gas station/car wash and replace it with a new, modern, 12-pump facility.

All of us will now be within walking distance of a Slurpee dispenser, plus the 5,000+ items stocked for everyone's convenience.

The upside:      We are finally ridding the community of the old eye sore Mobil gas station.  We are replacing it with a completely modernized new facility.
The downside:  The traffic levels at our entry intersection will surely increase.

The Board, Crest, and committee members met with members of the 7-11 implementation team in early April 2019 to discuss the Community's concerns.

The new facility will have enhanced signage and pavement lines to assist everyone at our pesky intersection light. 

Also, at our request, their traffic consultants are investigating new signage and pavement lines to encourage motorists, destined for southbound 441, to exit the 7-11 at the south entrance and follow the service road southbound, before merging on to 441.  Diverting at least some of this traffic, from the traffic light, will assist in eliminating some of the back up.

The developers are currently securing permits and other required filings, prior to the beginning of construction.

Expect demolition and construction to begin by November 2020.

We should all be enjoying BIG GULPS by Christmas.

Click the links below for architectural renderings of the new facility:

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